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We have two divisions: MY Spotlight Independent and MY Production. My Production is a full service post-production and film production company, producing content. MY Spotlight Independent is a distributor/aggregator and sales agent, licensing content to buyers. We license feature films/shorts and more via direct partnerships to free TV channels and major VOD platforms like Amazon Prime Video worldwide. Additionally, we release content on DVD & Blu-ray to extend the reach to countries with limited internet access for streaming and provide the option to buy a physical media product.

We are inclusive of all work and support major studio and independent films. We like to look beyond the traditional model criteria, which seeks films only with Hollywood production values or famous cast. We receive large volumes of incredible submissions each month, and most of them have been overlooked due to the competitive marketplace and are drowning amongst major studio content. We pride ourselves on the warm and transparent relationships that we have built with our partners. We pay royalties on time, we keep you informed and we will never recoup endless marketing and post production costs. We care, we work with content providers to make their content compliant for major platform delivery where physically and technically possible at no cost. Come partner with us today! 


FILM Distribution

Are you tired of dealing with complicated technical delivery methods, partners who are unresponsive; who fail to report or pay on time (or worse - pay you nothing because they are still 'recouping' marketing and post-production costs for years)? Are you tired of being tied down to 10 year license deals where you cannot sell your content to anyone else? Then believe us - the future is VOD so let's get your content onto as many platforms ASAP without any restrictions to you. Unless your film is picked up by a major studio or distributor, there's no guarantee of release or revenue; often it will sit with a sales agent or distributor waiting for a minimum guarantee payment from a buyer, which can delay it from getting out there into the world. We can advise best possible actions for your film and guarantee a release at no cost to you. For example, if you have no trailer, we will cut one for you, if your film needs an audio fix, we will fix it, if you have no artwork, we will create it for you!

Led by experienced film-maker, editor and technical servicing specialist, Mumtaz Yildirimlar - aka Taz (former Warner Brothers and Deluxe Media), understands the competitive marketplace and complications of selling and delivering a film from start to finish. Via our own frustrations and first hand experience, the MY Spotlight Independent team was founded to provide a solid platform for those seeking a fair, transparent, flexible and equitable (no cost) distribution deal for their content. We have a variety of distribution packages available depending on the source content. So take back the power today and submit your content to us for consideration.



We've designed a wide range of original film posters for our clients and also for titles we distribute. Our experienced in-house design team will make sure your film sits proudly alongside the best designs the film industry has to offer. Contact us for any original artwork needs.


Mumtaz Yildirimlar


Taz is an experienced film-maker and technical servicing specialist. Working for Warner Brothers and Deluxe Media for over 13 years, Taz has enhanced his expertise in the film business; he is an advanced editor and composer and is experienced in production/post, technical servicing, global distribution and various license deals.

Shen Yildirimlar


Shen has over 18 years corporate operations experience and is equipped with the skills to research, develop and run a business. Shen takes care of the business development, research, administration, acquisitions, marketing and communications processes. Shen is a warm, friendly and passionate member of the team who will go out of her way for all partners. 


 R E P O R T I N G  &  F I N A N C E

Sefika Tulin is an experienced accountant with over 35 years experience in account management and payroll. She handles the royalty reporting and payments for partners in the MY Spotlight Independent division.


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