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At MY Production Limited, we have two divisions: 1) MY Production produces films and offers video production and post-production services. 2) MY Spotlight Independent offers film distribution and aggregation services worldwide. In addition, the MY Spotlight Independent division is soon to launch its very own VOD platform for web, android and iOS devicesWe are highly responsive and transparent with our filmmakers. We offer full technical support and guidance to help successfully deliver and publish films on major VOD platforms. We're on a mission to normalise the divide between small and big budget films, because often lower budget films are overlooked and appear at the bottom of the list. We're not afraid to place small and big budget films side by side. Anyone who buys a film from our service once it's fully launched, will directly contribute to our mission: reducing that divide. Scroll below for more detailed information in the Film Distribution section.


a selection of movies distributed by 

my spotlight independent

Voevoda (18+)
Mother (16+)
Detective of Ming Dynasty (18+)
Clean As You Like (16+)
1st Born (16+) Comedy/Action
I Am Norman (18+)
Greater (16+) Drama
The Honey Killer (16+)

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Entrepreneur, Mumtaz Yildirimlar (former Warner Brothers and Deluxe Media employee), is fortunate enough to manage this highly successful and unique company. He is an experienced film-maker, editor and technical servicing specialist. He understands the competitive marketplace and complications of selling and delivering a film from start to finish. Where possible, Mumtaz will fight hard to deliver and publish a film to many platforms where it is physically and technically possible. Mumtaz thrives on excellent communication and transparency with filmmakers. Via his own frustrations (such as being ignored when submitting films), and first hand experience of making and distributing films himself, the company was born to offer such services. In addition, Mumtaz is currently studying to become a qualified solicitor. He is in preparation for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) and aims to hold credit as a solicitor regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). With the forever growing market of platforms, apps, devices and copyright issues that may arise, it is important to stay protected from a legal standpoint. This will help strengthen his legal knowledge, and therefore will officially be able to offer legal services or advice to any struggling film-makers.